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Entry 22. By David, Saturday April 10, 2004

Around twelve minutes of animation done, probably about five or eight to go. I vote for five.

It's becoming very hard to think about anything other than finishing Herman, which is making conversation with people much less interesting for them. I also find myself in bed at 2am, editing in my head when I should really be sleeping (or, let's face it, having sex). I'm telling myself I'll make it all up once the film's done -- the conversation, the sleep, the sex. I might take care of the sex first if possible. Then the sleep. Then I'm going to drive to Adelaide and give Paul his pants back (I ended up going home wearing them as a cravat a few weeks back at his going-away party. There are photos of me with naked Paulie from that night which I'd like copies of if possible. Let me know if you're the girl that took them).

Then I think I might come back and have a video night at my place, featuring a Troma movie, an old Jackie Chan and a Wrestlemania (I think IV maybe. The one where Hogan lifts Andre the Giant, anyway).

After that I don't know. I've heard about people being flown overseas to film festivals they're in. That sounds like a bit of fun to me. Three months from now I hope to be living it up at the Norwegian Festival for the Animated Arts*, all expenses paid, hot-tubbing it.

* this festival may not exist


Entry 23. By David, Monday April 26, 2004

Been sick for the last couple weeks. First I had gastro (-enteritis, otherwise known as "stomach flu" or "squirting out of both ends"), then a comparatively benign but long-lasting cough (I still got it, 'cause I thought going to the doctor would waste valuable animation time. I was right, but still).

Nevertheless I have gotten work done. Should be more, but it should always be more, right? Right? Go to hell.

Use of improvised lines/"off-mike" moments has worked out well. Most of the extra improv has been for Adam's character, Chuck, since I have not been entirely happy with the way I wrote a couple of his scenes (mostly parts where he interacts with someone other than Herman). With written fixes (and getting Katrina to come back in for rerecording -- bless her) I think most of the problems were worked out, leaving just some individual lines which sounded awkward. This is where some improv from Adam has helped, i.e. having him change the line to suit him better. And in the few cases where that didn't work, we tried (a) me frustrating him with vague direction or (b) Jake hitting him.

I've used a certain amount of "off-mike" material as background noise, but also for some grunts and yelps coming out of foreground characters, and most notably for the end of the "conference of evil" scene. In between his lines as the Klan leader, Thomas did a little in-character singing which I've ended up using. I bet he'll be surprised when he sees that. Incidentally, I did the same thing to Loc on my last film, Shit Party.

Checked in with Jeremy, who seems to like what he sees. I'll be bringing him copies of the original Flash files so he can have a go at final-editing some scenes while I'm still animating other stuff.

Also talked to a fella called Colin, hidden deep within the bowels of RMIT (where they keep the TV studio) who checked out the miniDV camera I'll be using to play the film at the screening. Theoretically, we can plug the camera into a big-ass projector which will play it on a screen.


Entry 24. By David, Friday May 7, 2004

Just under two weeks before the premiere, and around 17.5 minutes of the film is animated. Some of it has full sound fx and music, some does not. I have been working basically full time on HERMAN for the last few months, but the last few weeks in particular have been especially busy (David not leaving the house much lately). At the moment I'm optimistic as to my chances of getting it to a "virtually done" state by May 20, although as usual for me, it'll be tiiiight.

Next Wave had their launch event, featuring rapping and a bunch of media and artistic types bonding over their common love of alcohol in the morning. Theoretically the big publicity train is chugging along, but as yet I'm not aware of any HERMAN news explosion. Although I answered some questions for a website called THE PROGRAM.

Hannah, the Next Wave associate producer responsible for the HERMAN event (onya Hannah) sent out the spiffing cast/crew invites this week. The rest of the promotional cards are being spread about town by a number of mates who have the luxury of going outdoors.

Since I sent out an e-mail to virtually everyone I know inviting them to the screenings, I have realised that we may not have nearly enough seating for the audience, but since there is standing room, this should not be a problem unless they all bring their grandparents (I mean, you have to find a chair for an old guy, don't you?). Also, a lot of people have been replying, congratulating me on having finished the film. Little do they know it's brown trousers time...


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