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Entry 19. By David, Wednesday January 21, 2004

I'm in animation limbo. Almost five minutes is in a somewhat viewable state, but getting through the work is like running in a pool. I'm really wishing I had those magical animation pixies I refer#entry3red to earlier.

The state of the premiere is in some question. When we tentatively booked the former Magistrates' Court (courtroom 2), we/I were/was under the impression that the charge would be around $250 for the room and the setting up of the screen, projector, amp and speakers. Once I received the hire conditions from RMIT, It became clear that $250 is the charge for the equipment, and that the room hire fee is an additional $670, totalling almost a grand; a bill for which Next Wave had not budgeted (don't look at me. I don't have it).

So as we attempt to massage the nice Property Services people into dropping the room hire (preferably off the bill altogether), Marcus and Hannah seem to be quietly thinking of alternate venues. I'm not married to the "screening-in-a-courtroom" idea (as fitting as it is), so I'll be just as happy to blow it off and screen in a real cinema if the opportunity arises.

Also, like any artist, I've got a streak of persecution complex. Any kind of rebuff and I'll whip out the middle finger and yell about how WHITEY'S GETTING ME DOWN. ("They wanna charge me full rates? After all I done for them? THEY C'N SCREW OFF!")

I bought PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL on DVD. It was on sale. I want to watch it but I don't know when I'll get the chance.

I put that paragraph in because I felt this journal was in danger of becoming a cold recording of technical facts. Now, thanks to my making this personal revelation, you, the reader, can relate to me on a deeper level. Feel good?


Entry 20. By David, Tuesday February 17, 2004

Still animating. I'm going too slowly. My finishing on time is looking less and less likely (but don't tell anybody). It sucks being your own Whitey, and having to get your own self down. Unlike working for somebody else, I can't slack off because I'm only fucking myself over when I do. Screening venue still unconfirmed, but options sound interesting. Looks like I've found voices for parts I hadn't filled yet. I'll talk more when I know things. Here are cute pictures instead.


Herman questions Palumbo's ethics

Sabrina has her own questions in mind

Herman displays his playful side at the park

Sal, The Hot Dog Vendor (Santo Cilauro) gives Herman some helpful, timely advice

The Bar Downtown has a secret. Normally a hip young-people's drinking hole...

... complete with hip young-people's band (Ryokan)...

... the back room tonight contains the annual World Council of Evildoers Conference

Meet our chairman, the representative from the Waste Management Union (Adam Wajnberg)

Representatives from the Russian mafia (Jacob Zhivov) and yakuza (David Blumenstein)

The Plutonian Moth Queen (Adam Wajnberg) is unhappy because Chino The Pimp (Ben Hutchings) has taken the last Scotch Finger biscuit


Entry 21. By David, Friday March 5, 2004

Date: Friday, March 05, 2004 12:12 AM
From: David Blumenstein <david@nakedfella.com>
Jim Kalogiratos
Subject: bbq, photoreference
Attachments: stratovarius_-_dreamspace_front.jpg
we wanna come down for bbq but not sure how we'll get there if car is a bad idea. jake says tram and light rail is bad, very bad.
attached some photoreference which i feel will give you an indication of the sort of atmosphere the "dogs of law" video must have. imagine something very like the stratovarius album cover but the floor is made of glossy checkerboard and we are spinning around and around and around the glass box-bally-thing very fast. i think this shot must certainly be in the video. to differentiate it from the album cover, the glass ball could morph into a yellow smiley face, or a leg of lamb or something. also, whenever we can't think of something to put in, we must cut to some winamp-style "visualisation" computery eq-volume-jiggly-streaking-starfield crap. is this sort of thing hard to do? if so, "sliders"-style zipping thru a blue wibbly wobbly tunnely thing would be fine, as long as it looks really cheap. remember: we don't want to load you with heavy burden, so every cheap shortcut you can take should be taken -- boxy waddling dragons, herman made of yellow orbs, etc. also look at some late '80s 3d demos for inspiration -- those things kick ass.
let me know how you like the (finished?) song. make sure to play it loud. i suspect jordy will appreciate its wonder. i been listening to a LOT of cheap euro-metal lately (hence stratovarius), and i reckon "dogs of law" is seriously ass-whooping shit compared to that wanky manowar "death to false metal" fist-in-the-air bullcrap. and i reckon the lyrics are the best thing i've ever written, aside from some bits of "herman" and those awful poems i told you about.
i need sleep.


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