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Entry 4. By David, Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I was sitting in front of the computer the other day, possibly working, when the phone rang. I picked it up and heard the unmistakable voice of Shaun Micallef.

I had forwarded him an early copy of the HERMAN script in the hopes that he would be interested in voicing the role of Leonard Palumbo, the cold prosecuting attorney. Now, here he was on the other end of the line, agreeing to do it, and for no pay (in my cover letter, I had guaranteed him $40. I later upped the ante to $58).

The word is "yeep".

What does this mean for HERMAN? Well, it means...

1. he likes the script, which is pretty thrilling, since he is, in my opinion, one of the most surreal, intelligent comedy writer/performers in the country,

2. HERMAN just became slightly easier to promote,

3. I get to tell Adam he's costarring with the guy who played Milo and Fabio on "Full Frontal",

4. I get to bark at the man in a recording session, and

5. Palumbo is gonna have EXACTLY the right voice.

Also, the storyboards are coming along, and with luck I'll meet my deadline and have them all done by year's end...


Entry 5. By David, Tuesday, November 12, 2002

November 12, 1955. Of course! That was the day I invented the Flux Capacitor! I was standing on the edge of my toilet, hanging a clock, when --


Work on the storyboards, score and lucrative tie-in comics continues.

HERMAN will be animated in widescreen format (16:9). As people have wondered, yes, this means letterboxing for regular TV presentation, but personally, I think black bars look cool.


Entry 6. By David, Friday, December 20, 2002

Despite many distractions, both fun and otherwise, I am pretty close to having the HERMAN storyboards, HERMAN website (the one you're reading), HERMAN press notes and HERMAN teaser trailer done for the new year. Everything is moving along nicely, so it seems almost trivial that the AFC rejected my application for animation production funding.

As I said before, it won't make a huge difference, except that come post-production we'll be flying by the seats of our pants, financially speaking. I hope the lucky people who got the funding actually use it to make great animation -- I've heard that there are a few rotten apples around who take government funding and piss it up the wall...

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