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Entry 28. By David, Tuesday September 21, 2004

Back from the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane, where the FINAL CUT of HERMAN played for the first time... six times, I think, over the two days of the convention. "Nakedfella Productions" (that's me) had a booth there, where we (I) was selling comics, shirts and, somehow, a Knight Rider poster I put up in the booth because it looked a bit bare. I may find it a bit strange that there are people who'll pay $12 for a ratty, pinhole-punctured poster of David Hasselhoff I probably got out of a showbag in the late '80s (respect the 'hoff), but there's stupider things to do with your money... like, say, paying $35 for an autograph. Even if it's Sallah's.

I sat around, I drew some sketches for people, I ate apples (and junk food, fine), I sold stuff. A nice (if tiring) weekend, punctuated by meeting a LOT of people, notably Patrick Alexander and his CORNER OF AWESOMENESS crew (what a bunch. They're like a multimedia A-Team, or Captain Planet and the Planeteers without the useless "Heart" guy), portions of the PHATSVILLE and SPORADIC teams, Dan Beeston of INVISIBLE SPIDERS, Brad Daniels of GROOVY GRAVY, Mr. J (a man of whom I had heard much but seen nought -- beautiful art), Stewart McKenny, Travis Burch, Luke Weber, the excellent organisers, Daniel Zachariou and Tim McEwen, and a veritable truckload of strange people in strange costumes. Personal to the guy in the Harley Quinn outfit: you didn't show up, so I gave your mate's poster to somebody else. Sorry.

The HERMAN screenings seemed to go very well. I sat in for one of them (only one? Had to man the booth and all), and it was interesting hearing the younger members of the audience giggling at the jokes and awwwing the cute dog, and the depraved comics people sniggering at the "Magnum" cameo and whore references. Very interesting. I'm looking forward to checking out more audience reactions.

I came home and this was waiting for me:

Dear Mr Blumenstein,
Thank you for the opportunity to consider this program for broadcast on ABC TV.
Unfortunately, we have been unable to find a suitable place for this short in our schedule
and must therefore pass on your offer.
We wish you every success.
Kind regards,

Since the ABC is the government-run station, I consider it a failure of the current government. Would a Labor-run ABC reject HERMAN? Yeah, probably. There's a lot of episodes of THE BILL they haven't run yet. Never mind. There are always other options. Hell, SBS shows INSPECTOR REX...


Entry 29. By David, Wednesday November 3, 2004

Date: Sun, 17 October 2004
From: David Blumenstein <david@nakedfella.com>
To: mail@overthefence.com.au
Subject: "No smoking representation"

Can you clarify what you mean by that requirement in your entry guidelines? I'm assuming it means no sponsored appearances by tobacco products, which I can understand, but it occurred to me that you might mean "no showing smoking in your film". That's not the case, is it?
David Blumenstein
Date: Mon, 18 October 2004
From: mail@overthefence.com.au
To: David Blumenstein <david@nakedfella.com>
Subject: Re: "No smoking representation"
That is correct David.
No cigarettes being puffed, lit up, rolled, played with or even a pipe. representation in your film? We had two films in the festival last year which had someone smoking the filmmakers simply edited out the sequence. Do you have smoking
Cheers Greg
Date: Mon, 18 October 2004
From: David Blumenstein <david@nakedfella.com>
To: mail@overthefence.com.au
Subject: Re: "No smoking representation"
Hey Greg
Yeah, there's couple smoking bits, inc. a long sequence with a Mafia boss doing a monologue while smoking/holding a cigar, shortly before he gets his ass kicked by a Labrador (the film's animated). Not really stuff I can cut, annoying because I hate smoking. Is this a requirement of your sponsor? How about if I did an animated disclaimer to go before the film, along the lines of:
The following film contains images of people smoking, contrary to the regulations of this film festival. To make up for this, here is the film's star to tell you why smoking is bad and unhealthy.
<Herman appears. He is a Labrador dog wearing pants. He sits on a large stage in front of an enormous "NO SMOKING" sign>
Woof. Woof woof woof. Woof woof.
<Still images of dead lungs, rotten teeth and vomit appear behind him>
Woof woof. Woof.
The filmmaker would like to add that he hates smoking, has never smoked himself and always wants to punch those arseholes who stand in the taxi rank outside the casino smoking big stinky cigars. Also, all the characters in this film that smoke are idiot posers or murderers.
Thank you for your time.

How does that sound?

Apparently not good enough, as I haven't heard back. I think this might be one of those cases of "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE AWRY".


Entry 30. By David, Tuesday February 1, 2005

Welcome back to Hermantown for 2005. Some things have happened since I last posted here, things I did mention on the front page of nakedfella.com. Might I quote and paraphrase?...

  • "Herman" bought to screen on SBS' eatcarpet program. This is not as good as a double-header with "Inspector Rex" but still pretty nice.

  • Film festivals: "Herman" was just on at the Tromadance Film Festival in Utah (yes, run by Troma, who made "Toxic Avenger" pts. I - IV), and will show in March at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA.

  • Art exhibitions: "Herman" art will be visible at two upcoming exhibitions, specifically THE INK RUNS DEEP DOWN, DOWN UNDERGROUND, a comics exhibition in Orange, NSW curated by comics mensch Glenn Smith, and a zine-fest here in Melbourne (Hawthorn, to be exact) called ARE YOU GOING TO BUY THAT? Both promise to be interesting and/or good fun, and visitors may get to watch the film, too. If you're wondering what form the art would take: I'm taking the original inked backgrounds I drew for the film and overlaying them with printed character art, thereby producing original black-and-white stills. They look pretty neat, and they will be the start of my canny plan to sell my artwork for ludicrously high prices just like every other dinky cartoon-style artist.

  • You'd think work would be going ahead on the "Herman" DVD, and actually it is. I'm piecing together the very exciting Dogs Of Law music video at the moment. It'll be quite hyper and disjointed and multimedia and will feature dragons and Nintendo gaming and a hairy man in a wifebeater and bits from the film just like every other movie tie-in clip you've ever watched. Would you like to see what the Nintendo bits will look like?



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