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Meet the voices.

Shaun Micallef
Leonard Palumbo

Website: www.shaunmicallef.com

Shaun Micallef is one of Australia's modern comedy geniuses, his style varied, his wit sharp, his characters memorable. He would probably be uncomfortable were I to compare him to the likes of Groucho Marx or the Monty Python troupe, but as the guy writing these press notes, I get to do that sort of thing.

Shaun came to national attention for his writing and performing on the sketch comedy program Full Frontal, in which his characters Milo Kerrigan and David McGahan, among others, were featured. Since then, he has produced three series of his own sketch show, The Micallef Program, and one of his legal sitcom Welcher & Welcher for the ABC, had a recurring role in the comedy/drama Seachange, appeared in such films as Bad Eggs and The Honourable Wally Norman, and <EDITORIAL BEGINS> joined the long list of comedians Channel Nine canned because the network is run by monkeys. <EDITORIAL ENDS>


Adam Wajnberg
Chuck, New Jersey Crime Boss, Geppo, Irishman, The Pelican, Moth Queen

Adam Wajnberg is a rather versatile actor/writer known for his distinctly haphazard style in both disciplines. For acting, he just asks himself "What would Charlie Sheen do?" and then he does that. For his writing, Adam uses a crayon to write every word in the English language on pieces of parchment, and then puts that parchment on a firing range and takes aim with a rifle. The remainder is bundled up, and decoded by a crack team of monkeys at typewriters to determine whether it's a script, prose or an essay. Adam likes monkeys, and is currently studying screenwriting at RMIT in an attempt to better understand why Blue Heelers is so goddamned fantastic.


Katrina Mathers
Sabrina Lloyd

Website: www.longshot.tv

I stole Katrina's bio off the website of her production company, Long Shot. It says, in part:

Aside from her work as a writer or director, Katrina's credits also include working as a television producer (Standing Up for ABC TV), first assistant director (Totally Full Frontal, Network 10), producer's assistant (The Late Show, ABC TV), short film selection panel member (Melbourne International Film Festival), project manager (St Kilda Film Festival), and comedy writer (Granada Productions) and she's been an invited guest speaker at a number of film forums & conferences.

Katrina continues to also work as a professional actor, having starred in Economy Class, an Australian telemovie with Charles 'Bud' Tingwell and Marg Downey, as well as the ABC TV comedy series Flipside. Recently she performed alongside Fiona Harris in their Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Footy Chicks which was supported by the Moosehead Awards.

As I write this, she is in Aspen, Colorado, attending the Aspen Shortsfest, where her latest directorial effort, The Referees, is screening in competition.


Brian Millership
Judge Harmonium

Brian Millership is a graduate of Melbourne University. He has spent most of his working life as an industrial/commercial management consultant operating in Australia, United Kingdom, the U.S.A., New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and south-east Asia.

Recent years have occupied him in media work encompassing radio, television and film. He is a community radio presenter and has featured in TV commercials and in the major role of Judge Barry in the ABC docudrama The Real Ned Kelly. He has also acted as an extra in a number of feature film, Australian and U.S., and an Australian series.


Loc Huu Nghe
Danny Hoang

Loc is in Vietnam at the time of writing and has advised me to come up with a bio for him. He said, "If you leave it up to me, it will sound like this:

"My name is Loc. I am 24 years of age, I enjoy cooking and walks along the beach..."

I would only add that Loc studied at AIM with me. He created the award-winning short Locomorphosis, but hasn't finished any new animation since then. Loc also enjoys golf.


Santo Cilauro
Sal, The Hot Dog Vendor

Santo is one of Australia's best-known comedians/writers/directors, thanks firstly to his time with comedy group the D-Generation, with whom he performed in revues, on radio (The D-Generation Breakfast Show) and on TV (The D-Generation, The Late Show). Having formed the production company Working Dog with D-Generation members Rob Sitch, Jane Kennedy and Tom Gleisner, he is also responsible for, among other things, the critically acclaimed ABC TV series Frontline, the feature films The Castle and The Dish and Channel Ten chat show The Panel. He also is one of the nicest people you will meet, and had the foresight to call and make sure the recording session was still on that morning I got a flat tyre.

Furthermore, he is the man responsible for myself and my friends' frequent use of the phrases, "Fifty bucks! Fifty bucks!" and "I'm holding a mirror up to multicultural society".


Adrian Calear
Lt. Angryman

When people see him they just can't help but shout "Eros!" and start bending over to pray. With a graceful ring kiss he bids them at least kneel and not be afraid to look him in the feet. A stand-up comic since the very early 90's, Adrian has been doing radio and sound work since the mid '80s. Just recently he helped out on the Whodunnit Radio Theatre productions.

Adrian was thrilled to be able to take his talent of randomly shouting on the street and put it to good use for Herman the Legal Labrador. Lured in with brightly wrapped confectionery and the promise "coffee with dignity", Mr Calear was extremely impressed with Mr Blumenstein's cunning and guile... there was no coffee. You can find Adrian on Melbourne street corners loudly campaigning for Adrian's Rights.


The Freakler

Little can be truly known about Duff. I can tell you only what I believe is true. I believe his full name is Greg Duffield. I believe at one time he did a comedy act with Rove McManus of "Rove McManus" fame. I believe I first saw him doing his crazed silent character, Edmund. I believe he got a little cream pie on Victorian Premier Steve Bracks at the launch of the 2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and was subsequently chased out by security. I believe Ben Arber and I interviewed him about this incident on radio a week later, and you can listen to the show here. I believe he is a much-loved member of Melbourne's comedy community, and performs a lot with Adrian Calear (above).


Thomas Pullar
Grand Dragon of the KKK, Dr Solaris

Thomas is an animator/compositor. He studied at AIM the year after I did. He makes a very lovely racist redneck.


Ben Hutchings
Chino The Pimp

Website: http://www.effect.net.au/geeen/

Ben Hutchings is a comic artist and animator.
He has self published loads of comics, such as You Stink & I Don't and Dragon Hurtor. He has also produced a lot of animation for television, web cartoon series , computer games and himself. He is currently working as a character animator for a games developer in Canberra. He only gets one line in this cartoon, but still.


Kate Matthews
"Yes, Thanks" Girl

Kate wowed audiences and stole hearts as the memorable "Oops, Sorry" Girl in Shit Party. I am confident she tops that performance with her role in Herman as "Yes, Thanks" Girl. I look forward to casting her in another film as "Go Away" Girl, "Check, Please" Girl or perhaps even "Hey, Watch It" Girl. When not recording two words for one of my films, Kate may be found making her own, cos she studied at AIM too, and us AIM kids are damn talented and mega-sexy also.


Pauline Myles
Ms Wazetski, Announcer

Pauline has not gotten back to me yet with any biographical information. Perhaps my putting this here will shame her into coming up with something. It's tough for me to write it myself because she's not mega-famous, plus I don't know her very well. Nevertheless, she is highly professional and made the most of the two lines she has. Onya Pauline.


James Simpson
Det. Logan

James has had practice being a large, imposing man, so being one in HERMAN was no stretch for him. Of course, unlike the cop, he does not have a shaved head/mullet combo.

James is also the singer of HERMAN's end credits power metal song, DOGS OF LAW.

More about James' musical contribution >>


Jim Kalogiratos
Schiff, The Legal Bulldog

Jim usually uses his voice to order animators around or to suggest that everybody in the room take their clothes off. So it was a little different for him to try employing his authoritarian tones in the guise of a jowly canine. It works, though.

Jim's "crew" bio >>


David Blumenstein
Herman, The Legal Labrador, Yakuza Boss

Yes, the barking, growling, snorting and vomiting noises are being made by me. People said I should find a professional, or get a real dog, but I pity the fool who can't voice his own cartoon Labrador.

My bio >>
My musical contributions >>


The Crew >>


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